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Download British Columbia Digital Elevation Model data

The province of British Columbia has two digital elevation model (DEM) datasets available on their website for download. The 25m resolution gridded Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED) format DEM is free, but it’s fairly complicated to get user-friendly data - the user must first determine which DEM map tile they wish to download, download each strip of the tile as a zipped file, unzip all the strips, and stitch the strip together into a single usable DEM raster file. The BC_DEM() function automates this entire process for you. Simply specify the map tile you wish to download and the function will take care of everything else for you.

Determine map tile to download

The map tiles available for download correspond to the BC Maps & Orthos tiles. At the moment, BC_DEM only supports downloading one map tile at a time.

BC map tiles available for download
BC map tiles available for download

# Download Vancouver-area DEM
dem <- BC_DEM("92g",
              save_output = FALSE)
#> Stitching together your DEM...